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Our Beef

Ready to buy a whole beef, a half beef, or a quarter beef?
3 Simple Steps!
1.  Place your order and get on the scheldule!
2.  The butcher will clarify your cutting options!
3.  You pick up your cut & wrapped beef in about 3 weeks after it has been delivered to the butcher!
It's that easy!!
Fill Your Freezer!
How about smaller quantities?
We offer Family Packs!  We deliver to Tucson, Benson, and Willcox once a month!  We deliver to Sierra Vista, Douglas and Bisbee every 6 weeks!
Packs include ground beef, roasts, steaks and stew meat!
$100 - 13 lbs
$150 - 20 lbs
$200 - 28 lbs
Fire Up The Grill!
Order today and get on the delivery schedule!
How Can We Help You?
We love making it easy for you to buy fresh, local beef!  We are here to help you walk through our simple process!  When you buy your beef from us, you will know where your beef comes from, what it was fed and you'll get to know the family that raised it!  
What frustrations do you have when you want to buy beef at the grocery store?
Did you get caught with an empty freezer when the stores ran out in March?
When you buy beef from us, you are buying peace of mind!  Never again open up an empty freezer!  You will walk past the meat case in the grocery store not concerned about what's available because you have a freezer full of fresh WhiteBarn Beef at home.  
Get to the Meat

Return customer, and here’s why:
~purchased 3 sides in the last 4 years - all of it delicious, locally raised on a small family farm, high quality beef ~the animal is raised with nature and health in mind, and handled humanely throughout its life and harvesting
~the butcher cuts my beef the way I want it, and kindly takes the time to educate me about various cuts
~I pay market price on hanging weight - beats the grocer’s price!
~no wondering or worrying about what it has been injected with, while alive (pharmaceuticals) or after butchering (saline)
~my family really enjoys this great tasting, high quality beef
~the Barnard family of WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle cares about customer satisfaction & they're just really nice people - who doesn't want to support that?!

Bambi Tyree, Southern NM

"Much more flavorful than store bought."
I recently ordered a ¼ of a beef from WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle. This was my first time buying directly from the farm, so I had to have trust that they were a legitimate business. From my very first contact to picking up my beef, I never once had any concerns that I was being misled. The pricing given was very close to accurate, and since my beef weighed a little less than expected, my final price was even less than originally quoted. Candice was a pleasure to deal with. She even reviewed my cut sheet (at my request) to be sure I wasn’t making any requests that I would regret later. Once I got the beef, I was very impressed. It was so much more flavorful than store bought. The steaks are wonderful and the ground beef was plentiful. All the meat was wrapped wonderfully by the butcher. I will do more business with them in the future. Just waiting for the freezer to be depleted a bit before I place my next order. Thank you WhiteBarn!

MB Saenz, Hereford, AZ

Customers for 10 years:
We have been purchasing beef from WhiteBarn Farms for close to ten years now and every year seems to be better than the last. Their beef is extremely high quality with an excellent flavor. We have never purchased beef that we haven't thoroughly enjoyed. Beyond their product, though, is their customer service. The Barnard family has a reputation for being caring and loving toward their customers. They are genuine people and care for their customers completely!

Rusty and Liz Nations, Silver City, NM

"It's just plain delicious!"
We have been buying beef from WhiteBarn Hay and Cattle for several years - halves, quarters, and fill-in amounts of items we go through more quickly than others. We have been very happy with the quality of their beef and with the customer service the Barnards provide. Having grown up eating homegrown beef in West Texas and after buying beef from the store for years, I had forgotten what great quality and flavor conscientiously homegrown beef has. It's nice to have the confidence of knowing where and how our food was grown. Even our granddaughter, Lily, says, "It's just plain delicious!" We highly recommend WhiteBarn Hay and Cattle.

Bruce and Catherine Tanner, Silver City, NM

Custom Feeding

Thank you for your interest in allowing us to care for your cattle.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  The health and well being of your cattle is our primary concern.  We utilize the services of both nutritionists and veterinarians to help us maximize health, which has given excellent results.  Whether the customer is looking for gain on feeders, growth and development for heifers or bulls, or feeding cows to hold a herd together in challenging times such as drought, we can tailor a feeding/grazing program to fit your needs.
Here is a breakdown of our cost structure:
1) each animal is charged a $0.35/day yardage that helps cover our labor and equipment cost.
2) Feed is tracked daily for each pen of cattle, and billed monthly at $165/ton.
Feed consumption of our ration is generally about 3% of body weight. 
Here's an example:
    a 400 lb steer will eat about 12 lbs of feed per day.
   12lbs of feed x $165/2000lb = $0.99 feed cost per day
    $0.99 feed + $0.35 daily yardage = $1.34/head for a 400 lb calf
   a 500 lb steer will eat about 15 lbs/day
   15 lbs x $165/2000lb = $1.24 feed + $0.35 yardage = $1.59 per day for a 500 lb calf
Cost of gain is typically in the $0.75 to $0.85 per lb range.  This is a general idea of what our experience has been.
3) Any medicine used is only used on an as needed, individual basis. 
4) We can customize a plan for feeding cows, or for developing heifers or bulls.
If you have any questions about how we can help you, please feel free to call or email.
We are here to help!
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Our Book

Our friend, Wink Crigler, had a wonderful idea about the girls writing a book about growing up on a farm. Haidyn and Hannah have worked diligently since the spring of 2019 to write a book that shares the love of growing up on a farm in southeast Arizona. Kids of all ages have loved it dearly, as Haidyn and Hannah teach about what we do on the farm and ranch. Get your copy of “Farm Kids” today!
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Our Hay

The 4,000’ elevation of the San Simon Valley of southeast Arizona makes the perfect environment for growing high quality alfalfa, teff grass, bermuda grass, and other grass hay. All of our hay is baled in 3’x4’x8’ bales. We ship all over, wherever there’s a cow or a horse to eat hay!
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