History. Legacy. Generations. Agriculture.

Our History

On January 1, 1952, at the ripe young ages of 18 & 19, a dream was realized for Noel and Anna Curry. Nina and Papa, as they later became known, had just moved from southwest Oklahoma to McNeal, Arizona. A couple of years later, in 1953, Ernie and Eunice White moved from California, to a mesquite patch a few miles up the road just northeast of Elfrida, Arizona. Grampa and Munner, as they would become known years down the road, were only 23 and 20 at the time. These two young couples each had a dream; to create a life for their families that were soon on the way. Drilling wells, breaking out land from mesquite thickets, reviving old abandoned farms and farmhouses, raising chile, cotton, corn, milo, and feeding cattle, doing everything they could to scratch out a living in the Sulphur Springs Valley soil that they had dreamed of working for so long. These two young families became close friends as the bond and camaraderie of the challenges of agriculture in a land full of great opportunities and high risk, countless obstacles and many blessings, drew them together.

When Candice White and Jason Barnard were married in 2004, these two families were joined, and WhiteBarn Farms was born. Our family has grown in three beautiful ways. In 2010, Haidyn was born, in 2012, Hannah was born, and in 2019 Ethan surprised us all! Haidyn, Hannah, and Ethan are at the heart of everything we do. We are passing along a love of God, others and farming to them.

Over the years, we have grown red and green chile, cotton, yellow and white corn, pinto beans, pumpkins, and alfalfa. We started running calves on wheat pasture along the way, and then as opportunity came, added a cow/calf operation to the family business. One day a feed mixer showed up, and a cattle growing yard was started. Currently we grow alfalfa and corn, feed cattle, and run cows.

We are thankful for the road that each of our families traveled that led to southeast Arizona some 70 years ago.

Welcome to our farm…Nice to meet ya!

Our mission

At WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle, we believe that the quality of our hay & cattle depends on the quality of care with which they are grown. Our mission is to always be nurturing nature which leads to healthy soils, healthy crops, healthy cattle and a healthy you!